Frequently Asked Questions


 Do I need a drive2point account to make orders?

No, you do not need an account to place orders. Instead, you can choose the guest checkout to complete orders without creating an account. Please note that creating your drive2point account will allow you to get 24/7 access to your download links and order history as well as saving considerable time during your subsequent check-outs.


What presentation software supports drive2point templates?

Our templates are compatible with PowerPoint 2000-2013 editions, though you may need to install Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for your PowerPoint 2000-2003 software in order to open and edit our templates.

Alternatively, you can use 3 or Google Docs to work with drive2point templates.

How do I apply a drive2point template to an existing presentation?

First, open your presentation in PowerPoint. On the Design tab, in the Themes group, press the small arrow button to display the list of available themes. Press the Browse for Themes button to select the drive2point template you want to apply to your presentation.

How do I change the background to my slides?

Select the slide or slides you want to modify. Right-click one of the selected slides and select the Format Background option. In the Format Background dialog box select the desired background options, and the background will change automatically. If you want to apply the settings to all slides, press the Apply to All button.

Why is my logo not displayed on the Title Slide when I add it to the Slide Master?

To make sure your logo is displayed on the Title slide, please uncheck the Hide Background Graphics check box on the Title Slide Layout (go to View->Slide Master and then choose Title Slide Layout from the slide layouts and uncheck the Hide Background Graphics box located in the Background group). If a slide master contains any background graphics, the Hide Background Graphics option lets you eliminate these graphics from a specific slide.

PowerPoint: Hide background graphics

How do I place my logo into a presentation?

  • Alternatively, you can insert your logo using Slide Master view to make your logo visible on all presentation slides (View->Slide Master and then choose Insert->Picture).  If you prefer placing your logo on custom slides, run the Insert->Picture command for the slides where you want to place your logo.
  • My presentation background seems to be ‘faded out’. How can I add color to the background?
  • You can change the graphic settings of your background using the Slide Master view (View->Slide Master), right-click on the background and then choose the Format Background option. If your background seems a little ‘faded out’, please check the Transparency option in the Fill group by moving the slider to 0% or trying modifying the settings of the Picture group options.

When I change a chart style for my chart from the Chart Styles group, I lose all my custom text formatting on the chart, e.g., font color and stroke style – how can I keep my chart’s formatting?

Unfortunately, when you try to modify the appearance of your chart, its formatting reverts to the default settings of the selected chart style. This is a known PowerPoint issue, but if you want to keep your chart’s custom formatting you can save you chart as a template and apply it later to other charts.

To save your chart as a chart template, first select the chart and then click Save As Template, located on the Design tab in the Type group, and type the template’s name. Make sure you save your template in the default location, i.e., in the Charts folder under Templates.
PowerPoint: Saving chart as template

To apply a template to a new chart, locate the Insert tab and click Chart, and in the Insert Chart dialog box click Templates to select your previously saved template.

If you want to apply a chart template to an existing chart, first select the chart and then click Change Chart Type on the Design tab in the Type group, and click Templates to select your previously saved template.

Are your templates compatible with Office 2003 and earlier?

What is the difference between .pptx, .potx and .thmx file formats and which one should I use?

Common PowerPoint presentations have the .pptx extension, so if you simply need a presentation for your personal or business needs, you’d better go with this default extension.

PowerPoint templates usually have the .potx extension and are generally used when you intend using this template as a blueprint for other presentations. For example, if you want to create a presentation template that will be used by the entire company, we recommend saving your presentation as a .potx file. This will allow other PowerPoint users in your company to create new presentations based upon this template or else apply its design to existing presentations (the template needs to be installed to the users’ computers first). In fact, .potx files look very similar to .pptx files and can contain slides, layouts, theme fonts and colors, and you can also edit and share them like any other presentation.

PowerPoint themes have the .thmx extension and do not contain slides like regular presentations. These files contain only layouts, backgrounds, colors, fonts and effects, which contribute to the look of your presentation. Simply put, a theme file contains only that part of a presentation responsible for the graphical appearance of your slides. When installing a .thmx file to a specific location on your computer, you can easily apply it to your presentation from PowerPoint by selecting a corresponding theme from the Themes group on the Design tab. Additionally, theme files can also be used by other Office applications, such as Word and Excel, which makes them very useful when you want to retain the style and appearance of your documents.

How do I apply a theme from my drive2point template to my presentations or my other Office files?

After the theme has been installed, you can apply it to your presentation by selecting the required theme from the Themes group on the Design tab in PowerPoint. Similarly, to apply a theme in Word or Excel, browse for the installed themes from the Page Layout tab in the Themes group, Themes list, and choose the theme required.

When I try to apply a drive2point theme to my Word file, the Themes button is grayed out in Word – what is wrong?

Please note that themes can only be applied to documents created in Word 2007 or later editions (*.docx, *.docm, *.dotx, or *.dotm extensions). The Themes button is grayed out when you edit a document created in Word 2000-2003 with your version of Word 2007 or later, and you should see a Compatibility Mode note in the title bar of the document window. In order to apply a drive2point theme to your document, please convert your document to the Word 2007 file format by selecting the Office button->Convert command.

When I try to apply a theme from your drive2point template to any other Word/Excel document, nothing happens – what am I doing wrong?

First, please make sure that you choose the correct theme from the Page Layout tab in the Themes group, Themes list, in your Word/Excel application. When you apply a theme to your document, the respective theme name should be highlighted in the Themes list and the appearance of the document will be updated, including fonts, colors, effects, tables, charts, SmartArt graphics and shapes.

Please note that unlike PowerPoint presentations, Word/Excel documents do not import background graphics from themes, so even if a theme initially contains slide background graphics, it will not be available in your Word/Excel documents.


How can I close my account ?

Please contact us with your request. Please note that if you close your account, all your personal and order history information will be immediately deleted and cannot be recovered.

Note that after your account has been terminated, you can still place orders with us using our guest checkout option.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please contact us with your request, and we will refund you the remaining balance of your subscription plan. Please note that we cannot refund any previously downloaded templates within your subscription plan.


How can I use your templates that I purchase?

Drive2point offers a standard and a multi-seat license, depending upon the intended usage of the templates. To learn more about permitted and prohibited uses of our templates under these licenses, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Generally, you may:

  • Use presentation templates for public presentations;
  • Share presentations or their contents with other people in a non-editable format – e.g., slide handouts, .pdf format;
  • Publish your presentation slides online in a non-editable format, provided that the resolution of these slides does not exceed 800*600 pixels.

You may not:

  • Share or distribute presentation templates in an editable format – e.g., in .pptx or .potx format or the like;
  • Sell, rent, loan or give templates or rights to third parties;
  • Incorporate templates or their contents in any product for re-distribution or re-use.

May I use your templates for resale?

No, the resale of our templates is not allowed.

May I publish my presentation where it was made using your template online?

Yes, you may publish your presentation slides online in non-editable format provided that the resolution of these slides will not exceed 800*600 pixels and the following text reference is provided along with the slides: “powered by”.

What if I want to use your picture/background from the template in my own project?

Purchasing any template from drive2point does not grant you ownership rights for the images/backgrounds embedded into the templates. For more details about licensing, please see our our Terms and Conditions.


Is it safe to purchase templates from drive2point?

Whenever you place an order with drive2point, your payment is fully processed by our partner Fastspring who has over a decade of industry expertise in processing online payments and who focuses on providing a secure online e-commerce solution for digital products and services.

Fastspring’s e-commerce gateway is secured by and compliant with the international PCI Data Security Standard of Visa and MasterCard. Being PCI certified, Fastspring protects card holder data and ensures the compliance of its online vendors, taking care of the PCI procedure while processing with Fastspring. You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your sensitive financial information, as it is stored on secure PCI certified servers that meet the highest industry standards and requirements. Using your credit card or personal data through a Fastspring page is fully safe and so there’s no risk of your personal data or credit card information being stolen.

How do you handle my personal data?

Drive2point is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information. Drive2point will never share your personal information with third parties unless this information is required to process your orders or requests, e.g., processing your transactions, informing you about promotions and a few other cases. However, drive2point will never sell your data and you will never be spammed because of a purchase through drive2point. Please click here to learn more about drive2point’s data privacy.