Easy Launcher utility

Drive2point Easy Launcher is a tiny utility that helps you smoothly adapt your PowerPoint template to your custom needs. Like any other advanced software, PowerPoint sometimes seems too “heavy” when it comes to the advanced customization of your presentations. That is why Drive2point developed an easy-to-use tool so that you can effortlessly access some of the most important presentation features without the need to dive deeply into PowerPoint tweaking and detailed study of the manual.

Our Easy Launcher utility lets you to:

  •  Easily customize your final presentation
  •  Install templates to your computer
  •  Extract and install presentation themes
  •  Modify and insert logo to your slides
  •  Easily insert footer text to your presentation, e.g. slide numbers, date or your notes

Easy Launcher utility comes with all purchased Drive2point templates. To start customizing your presentation, simply launch Easy Launcher and browse the required template.


At present, Easy Launcher only supports Windows OS due to the significant limitations of Microsoft Office for Mac software (starting with versions 2008 and later). However, drive2point team is working hard to make Easy Launcher available for Mac users in the future.

While drive2point templates are fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013, Easy Launcher requires Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later to be installed on your computer. Although users of earlier Microsoft Office versions can still open, edit and save drive2point templates (provided they have Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for PowerPoint installed on their computer), Easy Launcher is not compatible with editions earlier than Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Easy Launcher software requirements:

  • Windows XP or a later version (Windows Vista, Windows 7).
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or a later edition.

Currently, Easy Launcher is not available for mobile devices.


Easy Launcher helps you customize the following features:

  • I want to install this templates on my computer (.potx and .thmx files) - please check this box if you want to copy this template to the Microsoft Office common templates folder on your computer, so you could easily access it later from your PowerPoint or other Office applications.

Once installed, your template is located in the My templates… group when you open Microsoft Office Button->New dialog box in Office 2007 or from File->New menu in Office 2010.

Applying a drive2point template to your presentation
Applying new template to your presentation

You can also access your theme by browsing the Custom theme list of the Themes group in your Office application.

Applying a drive2point theme to your Word document
Applying a new theme to your Word document

  • I want to insert my logo into my presentation – check this box if you want to insert your custom logo into your presentation and select the logo file. If you want to keep your logo on the title slide only, please check the I want to insert my logo on title slide only box. We recommend using logo files not larger than 5Mb to avoid problems with image imports.

Please note that Easy Launcher supports logo files of the following formats: .jpeg (.jfif; .jpe; .jpeg; .jpg), .gif, .png and .tiff (.jfx; .tif; .tiff). While .jpeg is the default file format for your logo files, you can easily switch file format in the Browse… dialog window by selecting the corresponding File of type box, as shown below.

Easy Launcher: Browsing logo files
Easy Launcher: Browsing logo files

The I want to include on my slides group also lets you customize the following presentation features:

  • Slide number – check this box to insert slide numbers into your presentation slides.
  • Date – you can add fixed or automatically updated dates to your presentation slides.
  • Footer – lets you insert custom footer text into your presentation. Just check the Footer box and type your text in the corresponding text box.
  • Show on title slide – usually the slide number, date and footer information does not appear on the title slide in a presentation. However, if you want to keep this information on the title slide, check the Show on title slide box

Slide number, date and footer appearance on presentation slides
Slide number, date and footer appearance on presentation slides


To view the list of FAQs about Easy Launcher, please see our FAQ: Using Easy Launcher.