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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  I haven't received my templates after having completed payment...
  • Please follow the following steps:

    1) Please double check your spam folder since sometimes emails can easily get caught in a spam filter.

    2) Make sure your browser is NOT blocking the file download. If this happens, click on the browser message and select the option allowing the file download.

    3) If you have received the download link that doesn't work, please try downloading your order from a different Internet browser.

    4) If you have previously created your Drive2point account, you can find your purchased template in your account under the Downloads History tab.

    If none of the options above works for you, please contact us using the form below and we will be happy to assist you.

  •  How can I remove/modify the logo in a presentation template?
  • The default logo box can only be modified in Slide Master view. If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or a later edition, you can insert/modify your logo using View->Slide Master command to access the default logo box and/or insert your own picture.

    If you prefer placing your logo on custom slides, run the Insert->Picture command in Normal view for the slides where you want to place your logo.

  •  I get an error page when trying to complete my payment...
  • After you click the Checkout button when visiting your cart, you should see a popup message asking you to enter your email address. Once done, you are then redirected to a payment page where you can choose your payment method and complete the purchase.

    If you can't see the popup message or are not redirected to the payment page, we'd recommend that you refresh your webpage or try a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer version 8 or higher). If you do reach the payment page but for some reason you can't complete the payment, please let contact us via the form below.

  •  How can I close my Drive2point account?
  • Please contact us with your request using the form below. Please note that once you close your account, all your personal and order history information will be immediately deleted and cannot be recovered.

  •  May I use your templates for resale?
  • No, the resale of our templates is not allowed.


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